Changing the conversation when it comes to elderly care.

About Us

At Elderoost, we want to open clear lines of communication, as well as support, transparency and accountability as it pertains to elder care. We aim to apply a community-driven approach to rating, ranking, and reviewing residences aimed at elderly people. Including retirement residences, assisted living spaces, all the way to end of life care, we hope to facilitate a more meaningful and impactful conversation between owners, staff, residents, and future residents. We care about care. Our goal is to support the development and enhancement of quality care for our senior citizens.

Laura Bikinas, our CEO and co-founder Alex Kluew, our CTO and co-founder

Additionally, we pledge to always give a damn.


Currently, when seeking out independent living communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, elderly care homes, or continued care communities, the quality of care one will receive is presented only by the people selling the space. There is no one place where transparent, and user-based feedback is visible and easily accessible. There is not a space which provides, both, positive and problematic feedback as experienced by actual people. There is not a space where the quality of care is rated or ranked with clearity for future residents. We want to be that neutral space. A space where care residences are held accountable for their actions. Actions that are not only positive but, also, negative.


We aim to maintain an up-to-date solution which provides a listing of retirement residences in your desired area. We will maintain a list of links to online articles and news resources that are pertinent to a specific residence (Example). This will allow you to see the positive and negative mentions of a residence in the media.

Moreover, we aim to personally moderate the community review section. We want to provide a public space for people to discuss the pros and cons of a specific retirement residence. We expect your reviews to maintain a civil conversation as outlined in our terms of service and privacy policy. A few things we will not tolerate: personal attacks, obscene, vulgar, or profane language, commercial promotion and impersonations.

Finally, we want to be people driven.

Long Term Goals

  • Maintain up-to-date information regarding retirement residences (including but not limited to: address, contact information, space availability)
  • Maintain an available archive of online mentions or discussions related to any retirement residence (including both positive and negative feedback, articles, news, or other media)
  • Provide a platform for elderly residents and their families to compose transparent, honest, and experience-based reviews of their residences
  • Provide the staff, or company opportunities to transparently respond to negative commentary
  • Moderate the commentary without censorship (as outlined in our terms of service and privacy policy)
  • Always maintain transparency
  • Always listen to the community
  • Always be available and at the service of users

Giving a damn

Treat others as you would want to be treated. This mantra is at the forefront of our beliefs. We pledge to use technology for good over evil. We want to be there for not just our users, but also for the greater public as a whole. We all age. We all hope to receive quality care when we are at our most vulnerable.

At Elderoost, we want to provide a platform and a community that enables you to find the most compassionate, quality assisted living spaces for yourself or your loved ones.

We want to create the best product we can, treat everyone as we want to be treated, experiment, research, continue improving and never forget to put people first.

Business is very important for us. We do not spend more than we earn, we do not waste money on things that do not help us improve our business, we are not going to give everything for free and we hope to figure it out before running out of cash.


We want to be always available for you. We are Real people, not an automated reply or an automated service. You can always send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can reach out to us directly: Laura Bikinas, our CEO and co-founder, at @LML_toronto on Twitter and Alex Kluew, our CTO and co-founder, at @alexkluew on Twitter.

Thank you

Thank you for your time. We really appreciate that you've come this far. If you're just browsing, we hope that you will enjoy your stay here. If you would like to help out, you can support Elderoost's development by pledging on Patreon. Either way, please enjoy your stay at Elderoost =)

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